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BC Tour – Installment I

Dear Mom(s),

Welcome to the first installment of our British Columbian tour log. This is a much shorter tour then our trip to Europe, but exciting none the less. We flew into Vancouver bright and early on Wednesday morning, rented ourselves a nice and comfy VW minivan and proceeded to the nearest sushi restaurant for some Pacific ocean brunch. We then borrowed gear from some friends in Vancouver (Thanks to Benoit Laurence and Leathan Milne!), hopped back in the van and drove to Kamloops. Janine found some very nice people on the couchsurfing network (Yay Amanda and Mike and Richard!) who put us up for a couple of nights. Super fun people – and so generous to let some strangers stay in their homes.  We performed on local TV leading up to our performance at a spot called Cafe Motivo (Thanks to our promoter Ray Nyuli). The gig was fun, but it was a little tough to compete with free music in the park. Paying our doodoos…. We also got a nice write up in the local paper there. Check it out! Looking forward to returning to Kamloops again next summer.

Yesterday was a travel day from Kamloops to Quesnel, BC. Again through the magic of the couchsurfing network Janine was able to set us up again with a very sweet couple who grew up in Kamloops, moved and raised their family on Haida Gwaii, moved back to the mainland and now live in Quesnel. They fed us a spaghetti feast and gave us soft cushy beds to sleep in. Sheri and Graham are now our honourary Northern BC Mom and Dad. Generosity and warmth to spare and such a good hang. We love ’em.

Now we’re off to ArtsWells Festival in Wells, BC this weekend. We’ve been looking forward to this wee special festival for a long time. It’s going to be a beautiful reunion of friends old and new. Can’t wait!

Monday we head back to the Vancouver area and perform Tuesday in Nanaimo and Wednesday in Vancouver. You wouldn’t believe the beauty of some of the drives here. If you ever get the chance, make sure you get to BC to see the Rockies. It’s so humbling.

We hope that all things back home are grand and not too hot to handle.

The DoneFors