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Well, Julie,

I must admit that I’m having wine at 11am because there’s nothing to eat here.  I didn’t clean the house this week.  Not even last.  We’ve got too many cats and the fur collects and slowly drifts across the floor like giant furry tumble weeds. It happens when you walk by or create a stir.  But nothing moves much here.  No air gets inside.  The air in the outside thick of summer is too oppressive, so I don’t leave the house.  Not even to get the mail.  I’m sure that the post woman only brings terrible news, anyway. In June when folks were spring cleaning I went out to some garage sales and got all kinds of movies on VHS.  I spent $14.50!  Weekend at Bernies, Carousel, Ben Hur…  I watch them to help pass the time.  I also play Scrabble with myself.  Sometimes I’ve got a four-player game going.  People would think I was crazy if they saw me rotating around the coffee table like I was playing some one man musical chairs game.  Good thing I’m not nuts. So, tell me again… when you think you’re gonna come back home?  When you do, could you bring a can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup and some soda crackers?  I like the Premium brand, but I’ll take the No Name brand if you don’t have enough money on you.

Thanks in advance, my love.

Take care and see you when I do,