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And the winner is…

Tony VanzaAfter announcing the contest, The DoneFors had over 100 suggestions for names for our new GM Safari touring van. Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry. We’re excited to announce that the new official van name is Tony Vanza! Thanks to Melanie Tapson of Halifax, Nova Scotia for submitting such a perfect name. Melanie receives a prize pack for her brilliant efforts. This is what Melanie had to say when we told her the good news:

“YEAHHHHH!!!! I honestly can’t tell you how excited I am! First, I’m delighted you think it’s a great suggestion; it still makes me giggle. Second, here at our house we are pretty much a two-person DoneFors promo team. (We just got married in August and you even made our playlist – cocktails AND dinner!) We’re both musicians and we’re mad supporters of Canadian talent, so we just keep doing what we can to get your brilliant music into as many hands as possible. So I’m incredibly excited to receive a prize pack!” – Melanie Tapson

We received so many great suggestions that we thought we’d share our faves in this list of Honourable Mentions:

“Mr. Blue Balls” submitted by Boh Dan
“Burl Ivan” submitted by Nate Maxwell
“The Stig” submitted by Rob Green
“Delores” submitted by Greg Barry
“Captain Underpants” submitted by Joseph Cuatico
“Stan” submitted by Melisa Devost
“Van Halen” submitted by Aaron Fraser
“Louis” submitted by Lisa Winn
“The Fester” submitted by Tori Allen
“Tammy Leener” submitted by Darcy Murphy
“Steve” submitted by Chris Eakins
“Blue Bearded Sweat Capsule” submitted by Time Bena
“Guy” submitted by Aviva Chernick

Thanks and much love,
The DoneFors