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REVIEW: The DoneFors, Lush Life Below the Poverty Line Kerry Doole, Lush Life Below the Poverty Line is the third album from highly-touted ensemble The DoneFors. Earlier discs How To Have Sex With Canadians and the jokingly entitled Award Winning Album showcased an eclectic style they term ‘Canadiana vanguard’,…  more >>

Globe and Mail plug

By Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail “If nothing else the latest record from the crafty indie band wins an award for the cheekiest title. The cool-headed singer Janine Stoll leads an interesting crew at a tiny venue, where a delightfully unexpected sort of folk-pop – as found on their…  more >>

The DoneFors Come To Guelph

The Velvet Rope – cover story by: Care Humphries In 2009, they taught you How To Have Sex with Canadians. In 2011, they created the Award Winning Album. And now The DoneFors are returning to Guelph to entertain audiences who are just as thrilled as I am about their latest…  more >>

Dave Bidini Loves Us!

“Parking one street south on Cumberland Avenue, I rumbled through the underground listening to the Donefors’ second record, Award Winning Album, which proved to be a good, sneaky listen. The style of the band suggests high-rent influences – Joni’s early jazz pulls and bits of Prefab Sprout and the Mojave…  more >>

HERE Magazine Review

The DoneFors Award Winning Album (FACTOR) It takes cheek to title a CD Award Winning Album, but in the case of The DoneFors, it may be warranted. The Toronto quartet calls their sound Canadiana Vanguard; what they produce is an engaging blend of jazz and rock. In large part, The…  more >>


From Toronto Jazz Festival Blog, Artistic Director Josh Grossman What: The Donefors CD release party When: Thursday, September 22, 10 pm Where: The Dakota Tavern How much: $10 Estimated attendance (approximate capacity): 100 (120) The Donefors performed on the outdoor stage as part of the Lunchtime Concerts at this year’s…  more >>

Globe and Mail Review

Award Winning Album The DoneFors (Independent) 3 stars This cheekily-titled disc plays like two dissimilar EPs stuck together. The first half has a jazz feeling, in its rhythms, chord choices and metrical manoeuvres (Bob and Stan takes off in a jumpy 10/8). Cherry Season feels like a new cool jazz…  more >>

Direct Current review

The DoneFors – You can forgive this eclectic (sm)art/pop quartet for their new album’s rather presumptuous title — this is, after all, the band that titled their debut album How to Have Sex With A Canadians…singer/songwriter Janine Stoll and partner Paul MacDougall are the creative go-to’s of this incessantly clever,…  more >> Review

Award Winning Album (independent) By Nereida Fernandes “Intrepid and refreshing, the DoneFors’ debut lived up to their self-pegged style of “Canadiana Vanguard.” Most importantly, it boasted some really good music. Their second release, on the other hand, finds the quartet fixated on their branding, as if their mandate was being…  more >>

NOW MAGAZINE REVIEW – Award Winning Album

NOW Rating – N N N Reader’s Rating – N N N N N Disc Review: The DoneFors Award Winning Album (independent) By Sarah Greene Considering its cheeky title and the DoneFors’ previous LP, How To Have Sex With Canadians, I thought this album would be funnier. While sex and…  more >>