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And…scene! TD Jazz Festival Live Review

by Josh Grossman “The Donefors, a seven-piece pop/jazz/country/folk collective kicked off the day’s music on the Outdoor Stage. I didn’t know the band until they sent in a submission, and the sensibilities which attracted me to their music in the first place were on full display during yesterday’s show: an…  more >>

Shedding it With The Donefors

The DoneFors on Roots Music Canada! A lovely interview with Andy Frank, and some nice acoustic performances to boot! Special guest on accordion Rob Sills. Enjoy! Songs featured are “808”, “Berlin” and “Tall Boy”.

The DoneFors perform ‘Tall Boy’ in the Woodshed

The DoneFors were invited to’s studio to perform some songs and do an interview. Since we’re far from an acoustic act, we modified our set up a bunch to accommodate the shed. Featuring special guest Rob Sills on accordion, this is Neener and the Beardies performing an acoustic version of “Tall Boy” (to be featured on The DoneFors’ upcoming album. Enjoy!

WAMM 2010

The DoneFors Featured in WAMM!

By Paul Hoffman, WAMM

Editorial Emissions, Recs From Melissa McClelland, June 2010

Recs from Melissa McClelland

“It’s time for Janine Stoll to be recognized for her amazing talent & I think that her new band ‘The DoneFors’ may finally get people to pay attention.”- Editorial Emissions/Melissa McClelland

SNAP Newmarket, 2010

SNAP – Newmarket caught The DoneFors!

“It was a full house on a Saturday night at the Goat, when these acclaimed musicians put on an engaging and unforgettable performance.” – Kate Foster, SNAP Newmarket

The DoneFors Dazzle at Flyers cafe

“A far cry from the over-produced, Disney-channel pop sensations and angry rocksters populating the airwaves, The DoneFors create music to dream to”– By Allison Smith, The Chronicle, Dunnville

Essential Track: The Narrator

“The DoneFors [are] one of Canada’s craftiest indie bands. An instant addiction once you hear… “ – By Robert Everett-Green, The Globe and Mail

24H Ottawa, 2009

The Musical Melting Pot Of The DoneFors

“The DoneFors combine top-notch musicianship and ethereal stream-of-consciousness lyrics to create a series of Impressionistic vignettes that are both engaging and optimistic.” – 24H Ottawa

Red Alert, 2009

ALBUM REVIEW: How to have sex with Canadians

“I don’t know if this CD would help people (at least the people I know) have sex with Canadians”- By Marcel Feldmar, The Red Alert