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Shot at You

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The Pouring Room

Video by The DoneFors


Video by The DoneFors





Lush Life Below
the Poverty Line

2014, Independent
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The DoneFors - Award Winning Album

Award Winning

2011, Independent
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The DoneFors - How to have sex with Canadians

How to have sex
with Canadians

2009, Independent
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The DoneFors formed in 2006 and comprise acclaimed singer-songwriter Janine Stoll, electric guitar player/songwriter Paul MacDougall, electric bass player/songwriter Liam Smith, and drummer Brian Lahaie. Intrinsically multi-phonic yet cohesive, The DoneFors prove to be nomadic in their musical influences. Elements of rock, contemporary pop, progressive folk, jazz, world music and country merge to bolster The DoneFors’ signature sound which they’ve coined Canadiana Vanguard — a musical expression that spans genres, stretches boundaries, and stays rooted in an instrument’s organic sound. The DoneFors make a valiant attempt to defy what is hip in order to make music for musicians, music for pets, and music for music lovers to discover and appreciate when The DoneFors have died; literally.




Definition: done for informal in a situation so bad it is impossible to get out


In the tradition of history’s great Canadian bands, The DoneFors have crafted yet another monumental recording with their third release, entitled Lush Life Below the Poverty Line (independent, 2014). During these times of musical bounty, The DoneFors are in world class form using only the simplicities of a beautifully crafted song and their instruments. With themes of big water, dreams of tomorrow, the end of the world and dying at the age of 27; this collection of hit singles will be listened to forever and The DoneFors can stake their claim as one of Canada’s truly exceptional songwriting bands. The album was produced by George Massenburg, Richard King and The DoneFors, recorded by George Massenburg, Richard King, Jeremy Darby, Brian Lahaie and John MacLean and mixed and Mastered by Brian Lahaie.

The DoneFors’ Award Winning Album (independent, 2011) showcases this ineffable band in shining form. Pretty, naughty things, melancholy traveling, false heroes, small town woes, political cost, and lost memories are themes explored in this sophomore achievement.  The album was produced by The DoneFors, recorded by Jeremy Darby, Brian Lahaie and Bryan Lowe, mixed by Michael Phillip Wojewoda, and mastered by João Carvalho. Funding was provided by FACTOR and the Ontario Arts Council.

The DoneFors’ How to have sex with Canadians (independent, 2009) was released to great critical praise. The album is a landmark project displaying timeless virtuosity from a band who proves nomadic in their musical influences. A musical hybrid emerges to bolster their signature sound which they like to refer to as Canadiana Vanguard.  How to have sex with Canadians was produced by The DoneFors, recorded and mixed by Brian Lahaie and mastered by João Carvalho.

The DoneFors are comprised of acclaimed singer-songwriter Janine Stoll (Ladybird Sideshow) Paul MacDougall and Liam Smith (both of Juno-nominated Mr. Something Something), and drummer Brian Lahaie.

The DoneFors are your “new favourite band”. Don’t be afraid, they’ll take good care of your ears.



Janine Stoll – singer // songwriter // guitars
Paul MacDougall – singer // songwriter // electric guitar
Liam Smith – backing vocals // songwriter // bass
Brian Lahaie – drums // percussion // production



Rob Sills – keys // accordion // backing vocals
Pat Blanchard – trombone
Phil Skladowski – saxophone
John MacLean – tenor saxophone



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*Click on image to download/enlarge.


The Done Fors - logo



2015 – Performed at JUNOfest
2014 – Release of Lush Life Below the Poverty Line
2013 – Ontario Arts Council – Popular Music Program (Creation)
2013 – Performed at Brandon Folk Festival
2012 – Canada Council for the Arts – Touring Grant
2012 – Performed at Alianait Festival, Iqaluit, Nunavut
2011 – Canada Council for the Arts – Festival Travel Grant
2011 – Ontario Arts Council – National Touring Program
2011 – Performed at Edge of the World Festival, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia
2011 – Germany and Netherlands Tour
2011 – Performed at Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival
2011 – Release of Award Winning Album
2010 – FACTOR – Marketing and Promotions Program
2009 – FACTOR – Independent Recording Program
2009 – Ontario Arts Council – Popular Music Program (Creation)
2009 – Release of How to have sex with Canadians




“Elegant Canadian Pop”
– Dave Bidini, Rheostatic, The National Post

“The DoneFors [are] one of Canada’s craftiest indie bands. An instant addiction once you hear… ”
– By Robert Everett-Green, The Globe and Mail

“The DoneFors gracefully capture the essence of the Canadian spirit with sultry, sexy but unpretentious vocals, lyrics, and music.”
– By Anne-Marie Brugger, !earshot Magazine, Canada

“The DoneFors combine top-notch musicianship and ethereal stream-of-consciousness lyrics to create a series of Impressionistic vignettes that are both engaging and optimistic.”
– 24H Ottawa

“[How to have sex with Canadians is] a unique first effort from a band that, in spite of their name, deserve to have a long life.”
– By Jason Schneider, Exclaim Magazine, Toronto

“I try to wrestle with defining their sound. I can’t do it. Anything I could come up with will end up sounding trite and do this band a complete disservice.”
– Lopticulations, Sault Ste Marie

“From beginning to end, How to have sex with Canadians is a fantastic listen. The DoneFors don’t disappoint once and build an album that will quickly find a place among any indie rockers’ favorites.”
– Chris Homer, Muzik Reviews

“…buoyant and brooding, a shapeshifting set of sunkissed rhythms stoked by emotionally wind-chilled wanderlust.”
– Steve Baylin, Ottawa XPress





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