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Hip Toronto Magazine Q: So tell us what’s going on with you guys.

DoneFors A: Well, is it just us, or is anyone else feeling like this year’s early March is an especially depressing one? I mean, I know we’re all good Canadians just for living this cycle every year, but c’mon! It’s been the type of winter you just want to end already. And there’s more on the way. Us? Well, we’ve been feeling like we just got dumped. Like we got kidnapped while we were waiting for the bus. Feeling like all hope is lost. Like an abortionist on their way to work. If I were a walrus I’d definitely be Paul. If I were Steve Miller I’d’ve hung myself just for the press. If I were a bee I’d be a worker and not the queen. Sorry… what was the question?

Hip Toronto Magazine Q: The question was “what’s going on with you guys?”

DoneFors A: Oh right! Are you kidding? Tons of SHOWS in Toronto this month. Gladstone / Mitzi’s / The Local & C’est What. You’d be completely crazy to miss any of them so we can expect you to have perfect attendance if you want a passing grade. Don’t be a flunky.Your microwave is making you sterile.Love,The DoneFors