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Dearly Beloved,

So here we are in the dead center of December and if there were ever any questions of when winter would final hit us hard, they were answered on Saturday night whilst the heavens opened up and sent 30cm of snow before the calm finally came. 1cm of snow for every one friend or family member who came out to see us at C’est What this past weekend. Although the weather disappointed us DoneFors due to low concert go’er turnout, not a single ear was disappointed or harmed in what proved to be the best DoneFors performance yet. Don’t say we didn’t warn you all to be there. We’d still be at your funeral if the weather were shitty.So thank you to everyone who came out. Special night for the band and glad you could all be there for it. Hope to see all you purgatory dwellers at the next show. We’ll be ascending it.Your phones are tapped,

The DoneFors