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Dear little crumbs & morsels,

After seven long months of musical hiatus from one another, The DoneFors are back at it and working furiously to get you the secrets of life and death before an inopportune situation may arise. Let’s say that in the near future you find yourself in a padded white room where no one believes a single word you say. Wouldn’t your touched little mind find peace in knowing some of the massive secrets that we all dig to uncover? We’ve got answers for you (at a minuscule price) but Walter my friend, you must stay in the loop. You can’t say we’re not thinking of your well being, but please listen closely. Here we go….Our first few steps in spreading the good news have been recording three new songs at Brian Lahaie’s studio here in Toronto and we’ve also begun to fill up the schedule with live shows. Our first show back on board together was last week at The Mod Club for The Open Door Festival — a benefit event for The Red Door Family Shelter. Let’s just say that everyone who witnessed our performance has a better understanding of universal intricacies. Those who missed out are still in the dark. Are you in the dark? If so then tsk tsk! Are you not curious to know how it all ends? Gertrude? Are you listening?

Close the blinds. They’re watching you.

The DoneFors
paul, liam, brian & janine