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Indie band you need to know: The DoneFors

By Chris,

Toronto’s The DoneFors establish an awesome folksy, indie pop sound on their debut album How To Have Sex With Canadians. I’m still not sure what’s different about sex with Canadians (Are things just frigid? Do you get hammered on Molson first?), but I do know that the album is full of addictive songs.Songs like “In A Cornfield” (video below) have warm guitar melodies played in smart rhythms. Add in the unique, indie-friendly voice of Janine Stoll and it becomes pretty hard not to enjoy The DoneFors. If you dig “In A Cornfield,” check out “Mouth Full of Marbles” on The DoneFors MySpace. If you want a song with a more rock edge to it, “The Narrator” is cool indie rock as well.