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Happy new years, eh?

Holiday hangovers have all but worn off. The sweets are slowly diminishing from the pantry. The YMCA schedule is haunting your conscience. You want to drink more beer, but you feel all guilty about it. You’re still an angry driver. You still don’t call your parents as much as you should. House could use a good cleaning. That whole getting a job thing? That can wait. Resolutions were invented to make you feel bad. The DoneFors were invented to make you feel good. Read on, clean soldier.

The Cameron House Tuesdays from January through March

The DoneFors take on their third residency at The Cameron House in January. This one is for three months, folks! WHAT?!? Swing by the front room every Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm, January through March to find good people, laughs, astounding musical incredibleness, jokes in poor taste, beer for dinner, giant ant art installations on the ceiling, the odd little kid busting a move, the occassional cookie buffet, cold & slushy boots, warm & slushy smiles, and your old pals Janine, Liam, Paul and Brian.

Janine Stoll Melancholia CD Release Party

On Friday, February 12th at the gorgeous Music Gallery in Toronto, The DoneFors will be supporting the release of Janine Stoll’s new solo album Melancholia. This is a beautiful album and the event promises to be a show that you will not soon forgot. Admission includes a copy of Melancholia AND a complimentary beverage (beer, wine, soda pop…seriously? YUP!). Admission is $16 in advance, and $20 at the door. Tickets are on sale now, so don’t miss out! Get your tickets today at Get ’em while they’re cheep.

The Strip CD Release Party

The DoneFors are thrilled to be special guests for a great band’s CD Release Party. The Strip launch their newest edition ‘Long gone Lonesome Lullabies’ with an anticipated performance at Hugh’s Room on Thursday, January 14th. Come out for a great night of music with The Donefors to open followed by an intimate acoustic performance by The Strip. It’s going to be a fantastic night. 8pm. $15 cover.

Shows in Different Area Codes

In December and beyond catch The DoneFors in a town near you (see for full details)!

TORONTO ON – 01/14/10 at Hugh’s Room w/ The Strip for their CD Release Show!
OTTAWA ON – 01/15/10 at Irene’s Pub w/ Red Wood Central
HAMILTON ON – 01/16/10 at This Ain’t Hollywood w/ Mean Old Hammer
PETERBOROUGH ON – 01/28/10 at The Spill w/ Carly and Mark
KITCHENER ON – 01/29/10 at The Art Bar w/ Carly and Mark
NEWMARKET ON – 01/30/10 at The Grey Goat
WINDSOR ON – 02/05/10 at The Phog Lounge w/ James O-L and the Villains
DUNNVILLE ON – 02/06/10 at Flyers
TORONTO ON – 02/12/10 at The Music Gallery – Janine Stoll “Melancholia” CD Release Party!
WATERLOO ON – 02/25/10 at Maxwell’s Music House w/ Pat Robitaille and Fraser
LONDON ON – 03/06/10 at London Music Club

Dirty Bits

Each month in this section we ask The DoneFors a new and revealing question…This month we’ve asked them: What WILL NOT be your resolution this year (by probably should be)?

Paul will not resolve to: – give up chips & chocolate – quit being such a hermit – run for Toronto city council

Janine will not resolve to: – go on an expensive tropical vacation – eat raw vegan – stop shopping at the Dollerama

Liam will not resolve to: – Give up the internet

Brian will not resolve to:- stop texting while with others – stop overeating at Indian buffets – stop swearing in front of children

Rock 2010, people. Rock it right out!

janine, brian, liam and paul
The DoneFors