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Welcome to The DoneFors June newsletter. Lots of goodness on the go and we’ve been hard at work. First thing’s first.Free DownloadA new month is upon us and you either know or don’t know what that means… A new FREE DoneFors download! You have until Monday to download “In My Blood“, which is May’s free download and in June we’re pleased to feature “In a Cornfield” also off of our debut album How to have sex with Canadians. Go to the main page of (right click the download button and save file) and it’s all yours.

Upcoming Shows

LONDON ON, June 4th @ The London Music Club – The DoneFors play with local Londoner Fraser, who is wicked and awesome. If you’re within a two-day drive of London, you’ll want to make it out to this show. It’s a fantastic multi-room venue in a huge old mansion house – quite gorgeous. Be there!

WINDSOR ON, June 5th @ Phog Lounge – The DoneFors are big huge fans of Windsor, The Phog Lounge and especially James O-L and the Villains. We shared the stage with James and the guys back in February at Phog, and James pulled a ‘Phil Collins’ sitting in for his own drummer while belting out his very sweet contemporary rock/roots vocals. A match made in chocolate pudding we think.

COLLINGWOOD ON – June 12th @ JD’s Bar & Grill – We’ve never played here before, but we’re really looking forward to sharing the stage with hip-hop/folkster Mark Harris who will open. Be there!

BURLINGTON ON – June 19th @ C&B Records – The DoneFors play the unofficial stage at the Sound of Music Festival. A three day charity concert with all proceeds to benefit The Carpenter Hospice. We hit the stage at 8:30pm.

TORONTO ON, Jun 25th @ The Supermarket – We’ve been looking forward to this one. Like returning to the scene of a beautiful crime, our multiple O on Toronto, this time the beautiful and talented singer-songwriter Sarah Noni Metzner will open. Sarah’s been touring through Germany and Italy since January, so we’re crossing our fingers that she brings some sausages and pasta to the show. You won’t want to miss this one. It’s gonna be off the hook.

New Video

It’s true! This month The DoneFors will once again be teaming up with CONartist Films to make another fantastic music video. We’re excited about the concept and getting to work with Chad, Christina and Tom again. This time we’ll make the cornbread and chili. You can view our first video for “In a Cornfieldclick here.

Social Utilities

Facebook – The DoneFors would like to invite fans and music enthusiasts to help us out in the Facebook world. If you have a facebook account, log in and go to The DoneFors fan page. In the left hand menu click on “Suggest to Friends” which allows you to select friends that you think would appreciate The DoneFors. This makes a massive difference in increasing the reach of our music. Your friends (if they know you well) trust your good taste in good music, and might be keen to listen to The DoneFors if you tell ‘em to do it, rather than a stranger or a random poster.

Myspace – For those who dig on myspace, swing by and say hi on our myspace profile, or befriend us. – Follow us on twitter. We don’t tweet much, but when we do… watch out!

Dirty Bits

Brian‘s been on tour for May with his rock band SuperstacK. They’ve been showing the east coast of Canada who’s boss with their huge trio sound. Brian is also excited about launching his new website soon, which is currently being designed by fellow DoneFor Janine.

Liam just finished another year at Humber College. Next year he’ll be taking astronomy, wood shop, and economics. Liam’s other band – Mr. Something Something – will be releasing their 4th full-length album Shine Your Face on June 3rd with two shows at The Supermarket in Toronto (8pm and 10pm).

Paul spent much of May nursing a chopped-off fingertip and a black eye. Paul does not like pigeons…maybe even hates them, and because of this he’s been building up universal karma by saving worms roasting on sidewalks and tossing them back into the grass.

Janine won a contest for her song “Means to My End”. She’s been rewarded entrance to a 3-day songwriting workshop with David Francey and Craig Werth in Wells BC, a performance slot at Artswells Festival, a CBC radio spot, an article in BC Musician Magazine, and recording time with one of her musical heroes Corwin Fox! We’re all really proud of Janine, who coincidentally shares the prize with fellow singer-songwriter and our family member James Lamb. Janine also builds websites…check these babies out: Melissa McClelland (Six Shooter Records artist), Mavreen David Photography, Aurelia Engstrom (jazz/cabart vocalist), and The Good Lovelies (folk/roots trio – coming early June)! View Janine’s online design portfolio here.

The DoneFors want to go on tour with Tom Waits, Willie Nelson, Patty Griffin, Stuart MacLean and The Vinyl Café, or maybe Cher. If you know any of them, can you help us hook that up? Seriously.

In Closing

You need to know that any gesture at supporting the arts is immeasurable. Your support of The DoneFors is a huge deal to us. Whether you lend a copy of our disc to your best friend to rip, or whether you bring your blind date to a live show. Those gestures help to spread the joy, and give new people the gift of good music. The smallest financial gestures make an impact. If all you can afford is one 99 cent track off of the Itunes store, we feel the love. It also keeps up moral and confidence that we’re on the right track. So I encourage you to support us and any other artists who mean something to you. Thanks for listening.

To visit the Itunes store to buy a track click here.

And in turn, we’ll keep the music coming.

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