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From Toronto Jazz Festival Blog, Artistic Director Josh Grossman

The Donefors CD release party
When: Thursday, September 22, 10 pm
Where: The Dakota Tavern
How much: $10
Estimated attendance (approximate capacity): 100 (120)

The Donefors performed on the outdoor stage as part of the Lunchtime Concerts at this year’s TD Toronto Jazz Festival. I suppose they’re probably not jazz, but I like their music so well I was pleased to have them as part of the festival, and I was excited to attend their CD release. They finally took the stage (after an opening act) shortly after 11 pm and didn’t disappoint, playing a variety of music from their first album (How to Have Sex with Canadians), their cheekily titled new release Award Winning Album, and other tunes. The space was packed, there was a party vibe and, though there was room to squish in a few more people, it might not have been comfortable to do so. The Donefors are working with a publicist but are still doing their own booking, and recording independently. So – what made this show such a hit with the crowd, and why was it so full?

A few things come to mind. First, the music is top-notch (in my opinion, but also according to The Globe and Mail, which gave the new album three stars out of four). The musicians are approachable and have a great stage presence. They make good use of social media, and, given the title of their new CD, they clearly have a good sense of humour. In other words, they seem to be doing a lot of things right. That said, the venue was small; how would they have done in a larger room?