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Greetings to all of you DoneFors friendlies. To kick it off we would like to tell you that you look lovely today. We’re not trying to hit on you. On purpose. This is our May Newsletter. We have things to tell you! So gather ‘round and lean in. This is going to be a ride, of sorts. Off we go….

Buy How To Have Sex With Canadians

If you haven’t had the chance to purchase a copy of our new album – How to have sex with Canadians – yet, now is your chance! Visit our online store to order your copy directly from The DoneFors ( Or you can buy it online at Itunes (!

But, the best way to get your paws on a CD and support The DoneFors is to come out to a live show, boogie a little, have some pop, and then buy an album from the band, which leads us to our next topic of the day….

One More Kick At The Dog

The DoneFors (as you have guessed), have been doing a lovely residency at a cozy spot in Parkdale (Toronto, that is) called Not My Dog. Every Thursday during the month of April we hunkered down and played shows and made tasteless jokes. As the weeks have progressed the crowds have swelled and the good times have got gooder. Each week a different hand-pick opening act would hit the stage to astound. Thus far we’ve been graced with Nick Zubeck, Ian Reid, blueVenus, and Mark Harris (each dangerously fantastic). Cutting to the chase… The DoneFors have only ONE SHOW LEFT for our residency, and it happens TONIGHT! The endearingly brilliant songwriter Karyn Ellis will be opening up the show (10:30ish). We only ask a donation of a pay what you can afford in exchange for a good time. Come join us for our final show, and be amazed and more that slightly entertained. (1510 Queen Street West).*Note: The DoneFors DO NOT condone the kicking of dogs. Don’t kick dogs… or else!

Shows In Different Area Codes

Shows are fun! And here are some fun upcoming shows for The DoneFors and for you!

HAMILTON, ON – Corktown Pub on May 2nd – w/ Shannon Butcher and Micah Barnes formerly of the Nylons (show begins with The DoneFors on at 8:30pm)

GUELPH, ON – Jimmy Jazz on May 7thLONDON, ON – The London Music Club on June 4th – w/ Fraser

WINDSOR, ON – Phog Lounge on June 5th – w/ James O-L and the Villains

BURLINGTON, ON – C&B Records on June 19th – outside stage (fundraiser for palliative care hospital)

TORONTO, ON – The Supermarket on Jun 25th – w/ Sarah Noni Metzner

May Giveaways

* For the month of May we will be featuring one free download of a song off of our new album How to have sex with Canadians. Swing by for your new favourite music.

* The DoneFors are planning a new photo shoot! As you may have noticed, we have a morbid and prevailing death-theme in our promo photos. But we want you to get a shot at killing us off in your own FUN way! If you have an idea for a photo concept, please send your death plot to happiness at thedonefors dot com. If we use your idea you will win a fantastic DoneFors prize pack and coveted bragging rights. *Note: In the past photo concepts, one band member gets the chance to kill off the rest. Paul and Liam haven’t had the chance to kill yet, and their blood-thirst is growing to the point of insatiable. It might be handy to keep that in mind.

Video Video Video

As many of you know, CONartist Film and The DoneFors made a music video in the fall of last year for the song “In a Cornfield”. You can check that out (in HD) (click here). More videos to come! Keep your eye peeled like your lover’s grapes.

Janine Stoll Gets Melancholia

The long-awaited third solo album of The DoneFors front-peanut Janine Stoll is nearing the birth canal. Melancholia (produced and engineered by John MacLean) is a beautiful and sad collection of stripped-down, ambient, contemporary folk ballads (not the Celine kind). Very soon will walk out of hiding with a fresh face and you will be able to pre-order Melancholia through her website. This gesture is always welcome, because it ensures the Janine will be able to purchase shoes and cars and jets – all of the essentials. Keep your grapes peeled like your lover’s eyes.

Shine Your Face For Mr. Something Something

Paul and Liam’s other band – Mr. Something Something (the Canadian kings of afrobeat) – have a brand new record scarily close to launch. Shine Your Face is an undeniable work of genius. You will need to own a copy of this album to be completed as a human being. For pre-purchase, visit Also, be aware that Mr. Something Something will be hitting the road this summer and coming to a festival near you with their eco-awesome, forward-thinking, fully bike-powered live show. These shows have been making appearances in various off-the-grid locations since last summer, and it’s a seriously inspiring and truly sustainable idea. For more information about Sound Cycle, check out Mr. Something Something’s website.

Dirty Bits

Facts are fun! And here are some fun facts about The DoneFors for you!

  • The DoneFors have the same Astrological Synastry as The Beatles and Led Zepplin (we can see you all nodding your heads in a “that makes sense” kind of way).
  • Paul doesn’t like to wear jeans. Paul recently almost completely severed off the tip of his left index finger in a bread-knife brawl. Paul likes Middle Eastern food.
  • Liam is a Humber jazz bass student. Liam is a closet blogger. Liam’s fiancée Sarah made the beautiful and fancy DoneFors cookies that were sold at the CD release party in February.
  • Brian is a producer and engineer of music and he wants to make your next record. Brian likes farmers markets. Brian also plays drums in the band SuperstacK.
  • Janine listens to Christmas music in the summer. Janine worries too much. Janine is offering up her freelance web and graphic design skills to the public and she wants your business (

It is with love that we sign off today.

Seeing you soonly!
janine, paul, liam, and brian
The DoneFors