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The DoneFors are busy in studio making new magic and other things. In October we offered up a free download of our song “Red Fish” available exclusively at In November please wing by to download your very own copy of “Lemons From Argentina” (from the debut album How to have sex with Canadians). Things will work out alright.

The Cameron House In November

The DoneFors are truly thrilled to be making a return to The Cameron House for a second residency. Come by to the front room every Tuesday in November between 6am and 8pm for some great music, and good fun. We’ve been toiling away at lots of new and fresh material, and we’d love to give you a preview of what’s to come for our new album (2010).Show in Different Area Codes In November and beyond catch The DoneFors in a town near you (see for full details)!

NEWMARKET ON – 11/14/09 at The Grey Goat
TORONTO ON – 11/03/09 at Cameron House
PETERBOROUGH ON – 11/19/09 at The Spill w/ Drea & Sarah DeCarlo
TORONTO ON – 11/24/09 at Cameron House
TORONTO ON – 11/29/09 at The Comedy Bar w/ The Sketchersons
ST. CATHARINES ON – 12/04/09 at Strega Cafe
LONDON ON – 12/05/09 at The London Music Club w/ Fraser. 9:30pm
WINDSOR ON – 12/10/09 at The Gourmet Emporium
BRANTFORD ON – 12/11/09 at Two Doors Down
TORONTO ON – 01/14/10 at Hugh’s Room w/ The Strip.
OTTAWA ON – 01/15/10 at Irene’s Pub
HAMILTON ON – 01/16/10 at This Ain’t Hollywood
DUNNVILLE ON – 02/06/10 at Flyers
TORONTO ON – 02/12/10 at The Music Gallery – Janine Stoll “Melancholia” solo CD Release Party!

Dirty Bits

This is the part of the newsletter where you can catch a glimpse of the inner workings of the band. What makes those guys tick, anyway? This month we’ve asked The DoneFors respectively who they’re biggest musical role models are.

Paul’s role models: – Oliver Nelson- Adam Rogers- Willie Nelson

Janine’s role models:#1. Joni Mitchell – Apart from being one of the most brilliant song-writers going, Joni’s unflinching eye for quality and detail is completely enviable. I also love the fact that she started making records well in to her late twenties. It makes me feel far younger than I sometimes do.#2. Patty Griffin – The simplicity of Patty’s words and melodies is what makes them so delicious. She tells a beautiful story without wasting words. A career that she leads with grace and talent shows a sincere maturing. She’s always been best in my books.#3. Emma-Lee – Local indie belle and dear pal. Emma-Lee gets results because she works hard and has the vision, drive, and talent that everyone wishes they had to make it in this tough industry. I’m forever tearing pages from her book. Not hard on the eyes, either.

Liam’s role models:#1. John Coltrane (tenor sax) – He was always searching to expand his voice and to plunge deeper into the mystical subtext of sound and music. In the later part of his career, he considered music to be a conversation with the divine. Not many people can express the universe in a song, but he could.#2. Jason Mercer (bassist) – I am not familiar with the larger body of Jason Mercer’s work. What I do know is that when I listened to his work on Ani Difranco’s album, “To the Teeth” , it was the first time I’d really considered the melodic contribution that a bassist could make to a song.#3. Kieran Overs (bassist) – I am continually impressed at how he makes more from less. His playing always imparts the need for a strong sense of functionality and voice leading by the bassist.

Brian’s role models:– João Carvalho- Gandhi- John Lennon- Ray Dillard

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Wishing you all much good clean fun in giant piles of leaves.

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