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Disc Review: The DoneFors Award Winning Album (independent)
By Sarah Greene

Considering its cheeky title and the DoneFors’ previous LP, How To Have Sex With Canadians, I thought this album would be funnier. While sex and sass are on offer (Janine Stoll sings flirtatious jazz-pop on opener Cherry Season), “weird and geeky” are better descriptors for a band so all over the map.

They switch vocalists, change time signatures and throw in prog and disco. Stoll’s high, smooth voice imitates a wolf at one point, scats the next, sweetly sing-talks on Tallboy and pulls off Joni Mitchell-like folk on 808.

The material in the middle – notably the mellower Berlin, sung by guitarist Paul MacDougall, and the upbeat world-folk-pop of Mercator Map – is strongest. Too bad the polished production often takes over, especially on overly reverby Carry.

Top track: Mercator Map

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