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Happy Happy all you Sad Lonely People,

That makes two of us. It’s been a few months, eh? Family good? Kids? Career? Good and you? There’s a reason why you haven’t seen us out on the town. No time to be frolicking in the summer heat and chasing the ice cream truck down the street. And no, none of us have perished in any freak hunting accidents or bear attacks. But amongst the four of us we have been doing some globe trotting through parts of europe and canada, also building houses up in northern ontario… oh yeah… and we’ve also been making an album to be reckoned with. Live off the floor beds. Flawed and beautiful. A track here, a track there. Here a tuck, there a tweak, everywhere a nudge bump. It shouldn’t surprise you how awesome this album will be. Grizzled and unrelenting. We are honing in on exactly how we hear it. Please stay tuned for our teaser and don’t forget to look both ways.They’re talking about you behind your back.


The DoneFors