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Dave Bidini (Rheostatic), The National Post – October 26, 2011
“Elegant Canadian pop.”

HERE Magazine Review of Award Winning Album – October 20, 2011
“It takes cheek to title a CD Award Winning Album, but in the case of The DoneFors, it may be warranted.”

Live Review of Award Winning Album CD Release – October 6, 2011
“The music is top-notch. The musicians are approachable and have a great stage presence.”

Globe and Mail Review of Award Winning Album – September 30, 2011
“Literate lyrics and a clear, unblinking, slightly mysterious sound from singer Janine Stoll.” – Sep 10, 2012
BRIANNE HOGAN Q: What would be the top five for musical guests?
JON BLAIR (The Sketchersons head writer) A: There are a lot of bands who I call our “band-buds” (secretly), who we’ve just made friends with through the show and we have them back whenever because we know they’ll be ridiculously good. Some of those are The Wilderness of Manitoba, The DoneFors, Donovan Woods, Joel Battle, and The Power of Equality.

Direct Current Review of Award Winning Album – September 23, 2011
“DoneFors songs draw on some off-kilter pop melodies, jazz-inflected backing, odd time signatures, cabaret folk/pop harmonies and some engagingly witty lyricism for an album that’s darker in tone that you might expect — but doing the unexpected (and doing it well) is what they’re all about…”

Exclaim Review of Award Winning Album – September 22, 2011
“Intrepid and refreshing, the DoneFors’ debut lived up to their self-pegged style of “Canadiana Vanguard.” Most importantly, it boasted some really good music. The DoneFors spare no bells and whistles on Award Winning Album.”

NOW Magazine Review of Award Winning Album – September 14, 2011
“Sex and sass are on offer… they switch vocalists, change time signatures and throw in prog and disco. Stoll’s high, smooth voice pulls off Joni Mitchell-like folk…”

And…scene! TD Jazz Festival Live Review – July 4, 2011
“An interesting mix of repertoire, beautiful vocals and great rapport with the audience. I also like the quirky sense of humour they bring – who else might have the gall to title an album Award Winning Album? (They’re hoping to win the award for “Most Presumptuous Album Title”.)”

Shedding it With The Donefors – March 4, 2011
The DoneFors on Roots Music Canada! A lovely interview with Andy Frank, and some nice acoustic performances to boot! Special guest on accordion Rob Sills. Enjoy! Songs featured are “808”, “Berlin” and “Tall Boy”.

The DoneFors Featured in WAMM! – September 8, 2010
– By Paul Hoffman, WAMM

Recs from Melissa McClelland – June 16, 2010
“It’s time for Janine Stoll to be recognized for her amazing talent & I think that her new band ‘The DoneFors’ may finally get people to pay attention.”
– Editorial Emissions/Melissa McClelland

SNAP – Newmarket caught The DoneFors! – March 1, 2010
“It was a full house on a Saturday night at the Goat, when these acclaimed musicians put on an engaging and unforgettable performance.”
– Kate Foster, SNAP Newmarket

The DoneFors Dazzle at Flyers cafe – February 8, 2010
“A far cry from the over-produced, Disney-channel pop sensations and angry rocksters populating the airwaves, The DoneFors create music to dream to”
– By Allison Smith, The Chronicle, Dunnville

Essential Track: The Narrator – January 26, 2010
“The DoneFors [are] one of Canada’s craftiest indie bands. An instant addiction once you hear… “
– By Robert Everett-Green, The Globe and Mail

The Musical Melting Pot Of The DoneFors – January 14, 2010
“The DoneFors combine top-notch musicianship and ethereal stream-of-consciousness lyrics to create a series of Impressionistic vignettes that are both engaging and optimistic.”
– 24H Ottawa

ALBUM REVIEW: How to have sex with Canadians – January 1, 2010″I don’t know if this CD would help people (at least the people I know) have sex with Canadians”
– By Marcel Feldmar, The Red Alert

ALBUM REVIEW: How to have sex with Canadians – October 22, 2009
“this is not an instructive disk for international students”
– Adam Donaldson, The Cannon, Guelph

Music… Lopticulations – September 1, 2009
“… I try to wrestle with defining their sound. I can’t do it. Anything I could come up with will end up sounding trite and do this band a complete disservice.”
– Loticulations, Sault Ste Marie

Sex and Canadians are just part of the story – September 1, 2009
“In addition to being perhaps the best album title ever, How to Have Sex With Canadians is a pretty provocative way to introduce the band to the world”
– By Darren MacDonald, The Sudbury Star, Sudbury

THE WINDSOR SCENE – June 1, 2009
“These guys made some new fans last time in town a few months ago, so this should be a fine turnout…”
– WAMM, Windsor

ALBUM REVIEW: How to have sex with Canadians – April 23, 2009
“The songs on How to have sex with Canadians are dreamlike concoctions that move along crisply with just a hint of the exotic.”
– By Doug Taylor, The Coast, Halifax

ALBUM REVIEW: How to have sex with Canadians – April 1, 2009
“The DoneFors gracefully capture the essence of the Canadian spirit with sultry, sexy but unpretentious vocals, lyrics, and music.”
– By Anne-Marie Brugger, !earshot Magazine, Canada

ALBUM REVIEW: How to have sex with Canadians – April 1, 2009
“…a unique first effort from a band that, in spite of their name, deserve to have a long life.”
– By Jason Schneider, Exclaim Magazine, Toronto

ALBUM REVIEW: How to have sex with Canadians – March 18, 2009
“NNN… balanced production and strong songs…”
– By Carla Gillis, NOW Magazine

Indie band you need to know: The DoneFors – March 4, 2009
“…the album is full of addictive songs.”
– Chris,

Not (just) a Lonely Planet guidebook – March 3, 2009
“…quiet pop songs, alternately romantic and bittersweet.”
– By Chris Conaton, Pop Matters

ALBUM REVIEW: How to have sex with Canadians – March 3, 2009
“This is one record I want to have more time with. I have a feeling if I could listen to it and just it for a long time I’d be in love.”
– Amy Lotsberg , Collected Sounds

ALBUM REVIEW: How to have sex with Canadians – March 2, 2009
“From beginning to end, How to have sex with Canadians is a fantastic listen. The DoneFors don’t disappoint once and build an album that will quickly find a place among any indie rockers’ favorites.”
– Chris Homer, Muzik Reviews

ALBUM REVIEW: How to have sex with Canadians – March 2, 2009
“This is an album with so much class that it could be the background music to a martini party, and yet it’s grounded in folksy spirit that would fit perfectly into a folk festival lineup.”
– Josh Fewings, The Argus

ALBUM REVIEW: How to have sex with Canadians – March 1, 2009
“…Ear Jello w/ celery in it.”
– Hybrid Magazine

Stoll has more fun with boys in the band – February 26, 2009
“…hearkening back to groundbreaking Canadian artists…while at the same time defying any easy categorization.”
– Jason Schneider, The Record, Waterloo

Hamilton Spectator – February 19, 2009
“How can you not like a band with and album name like [“How to have sex with Canadians“]”
– Graham Rockingham, Hamilton Spectator

The DoneFors Drug you with Beautiful Sound – February 19, 2009
“…this album is one for the top of the pile.”
– By Shain Shapiro, VIEW Magazine, Hamilton

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but you can still find plenty of passion… – February 19, 2009
“The mellow sound is perfect for more romantic evenings pour deux, while the lyrics will resonate with anyone wondering how, where or why that loving feeling slipped through the cracks.”
– Anna Coutis, Lori Mastronardi, Brian Wong, London Free Press

The DoneFors’ debut assumes many positions – February 12, 2009
“…buoyant and brooding, a shapeshifting set of sunkissed rhythms stoked by emotionally wind-chilled wanderlust.”
– Steve Baylin, Ottawa XPress

What’s That noise? – February 6, 2009″Their unclassifiable album will be one the most anticipated of the new year…”
– Michelle da Silva, Gloss Magazine

Review: How to have sex with Canadians – February 2, 2009
“…a breadth of talent that sufficiently endows the album with a slow grace.”
– Steven Hurst, Glasswerk

Review: How to have sex with Canadians – January 29, 2009
“…an eclectic mix of Canadiana sailing to many a musical port…”
– By Kathleen Bell, See Magazine, Edmonton