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ALBUM REVIEW: How to have sex with Canadians

NOW Magazine, 2009By Carla Gillis, NOW Magazine, Toronto


There’s a goofy quality about Toronto’s The DoneFors, made up of Janine Stoll (the Ladybird Sideshow), Brian Lahaie (SuperstacK) and Mr. Something Something’s Paul MacDougall and Liam Smith. See the album title. And the hammy press photos. And the oddball lyrics.It’s a unique quality considering the sophistication of their music, which features Stoll’s sprightly singing front and centre and navigates an eclectic course through jazz/country/chansons/folk/pop waters throughout the 12-song debut. How To Have Sex is a little all over the place, but its bright, balanced production and strong songs help bring everything together.

Top track: Crazy Eight