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Review: How to have sex with Canadians

Glasswerk, UK, 2009By Steven Hurst, Glasswerk, UK

Canadian act The DoneFors are an alternative mellow quartet of eclectic musicians and songwriters. The jazzy mellow feel to opening number ‘The Narrator’ gives a feel of an ethereal Dusty Springfield. A whimsical piece that pushes by on its on merits without so much evident in the way of direction. This picks up beat with ‘In the Cornfield,’ which is seems more urgent in its travel-esque tempo.Vocal duties are shared around and even include a few guest voices on a few tracks. There is a very deliberate tonal shift not just in terms of song styles, but also vocal styles. Voices cooing one moment, can waver between on and off tone which lends this music of sounds an enigmatic quality.

For the most part the band manage to sustain the alternative styles they bring to the piece, but occasionally it can become tiresome and repetitive. Fans of last years ‘Juno’ soundtrack, provided mainly by Kimya Dawson (who has a repetitive style of her own) will favour this record. There is a breadth of talent that sufficiently endows the album with a slow grace.