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ALBUM REVIEW: How to have sex with Canadians

By Anne-Marie Brugger, !earshot Magazine, Canada

From the opening track, sounding deliciously zenful, it is impossible not to fall under the spell of Janine Stoll’s mellifluous voice. How to Have Sex with Canadians is all about falling under the influence of various tonics and the allure of total strangers, and basking in the innocence of love and life.

The DoneFors gracefully capture the essence of the Canadian spirit with sultry, sexy but unpretentious vocals, lyrics, and music. The 12 jazzy, funky and unpredictable tracks will have listeners escaping the doldrums of everyday life with an ounce (sorry, a gram) of typically Canadian self-deprecation. That’s definitely one of our sexier traits. (That, and wearing big woolly socks to bed.) On “In My Blood” for instance, Janine croons: “You keep me tied up/ To a hitchin’ post/ I’ll take my clothes off/ And offer up a toast/ This one’s for the funny bones…” Janine, who penned the lyrics, certainly has a way with words.

The DoneFors are a foursome, each with a strong professional history, including electric guitar and singer-songwriter Paul MacDougall, bass player Liam Smith (both of Mr. Something Something), drummer Brian Lahaie (SuperstacK) and, of course, Janine Stoll (The Ladybird Sideshow).

Ms. Stoll’s delicate voice sounds angelic and fragile. Yet the incongruous lyrics have her either “Drunk with apathy”, or “Stumbling on the brink/ Of too many beers/ Brain full of hash/ Not enough to numb [her] fear”. On “Lemons from Argentina”, she slurs “I’m here to waste my brain cells/ …Hail me a cab I’m sleeping/ In a stranger’s bed tonight”. It’s tragic and poignant but ultimately, it’s just about living in the moment and without regret. It’s about keeping warm in the company of others, anyone.The DoneFors invite you to good times in bed, in fields, or anywhere and with a promise to keep you aurally stimulated.

Highly recommended.