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Review: How to have sex with Canadians

By Kathleen Bell, See Magazine, Edmonton

The DoneFors’ debut album isn’t some kind of creepy instruction manual – no Cana Sutra here, thankfully. It is, however, an eclectic mix of Canadiana sailing to many a musical port, from the bossa nova-flavoured “The Narrator” to the quirky modern folk of “The Last Thing You Do.” “Red Fish” stands out as a slinky jazz-club number that makes a Fiona Apple-ish brooding descent into self-discovery as the slow rumble of Liam Smith’s electric bass underscores Janine Stoll’s wispy moan of “You’re a homicidal maniac and I love you.” While other tracks have similarly dark and twisted lyrics, some feel crisp, young, and innocent, like “In a Cornfield'”s tumbling “Kiss me deep until there are no kisses left.” Bands always wish critics couldn’t tag ’em but we generally do anyway. The DoneFors, however, have the distinction of being genuinely hard to classify. Sometimes folky, sometimes poppy, sometimes jazzy, Sex With Canadians is just merge-y experimental fun.