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The DoneFors’ debut assumes many positions

Ottawa Xpress, 2009By Steve Baylin, Ottawa XPress, Ottawa

When last we heard from Janine Stoll, the Toronto-based songstress was mired in the carnal confusion that was her stark and sensual 2005 debut, This Is Where We Bury It. Inclusive to a fault, both personally and creatively, she invited a host of like-minded friends to bring her personal songs to life, working through her tales of tears, fears, fidelity and all manner of heartbreak and desire. But for Stoll, then by and large a solitary writer, what started out as a gathering of sonic session support among colleagues soon turned into a more unified joint, one whose collective instincts and heart beat as one.Thus, The Donefors were born – newfound proud purveyors of “Canadiana vanguard.”

“It just kind of came together naturally,” says Stoll of her new band over the phone from her Toronto digs, gearing up for a brief mini-tour of Southern Ontario.The quartet is now “officially” rounded out by Paul MacDougall (guitar) and Liam Smith (bass), both of whom are members of Afro-funk wunderkinds Mr. Something Something, and drummer Brian Lahaie of Superstack.

“Over a short time, everyone’s contribution was equal, and completely invested in the project. And it just felt like it wasn’t my project alone anymore,” adds Stoll.

Recorded live off the floor in Lahaie’s basement studio over “a marathon weekend” three days last April, The Donefor’s debut, How to Have Sex With Canadians (a title, it turns out, Stoll randomly plucked in part from a National Geographic article, which “just kind of stuck”), is alternately buoyant and brooding, a shapeshifting set of sunkissed rhythms stoked by emotionally wind-chilled wanderlust.

“I wanted to do something that couldn’t necessarily be classified, something outside the box,” says Stoll of the group’s intuitive flickering fusion of country, reggae, folk, jazz, pop and French chansons.

“But I think the next record we work on will be even closer to the sound and aesthetic we are hoping to solidify.”