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The DoneFors do Emma-Lee!

For the past couple of months, one of the universe’s most talented girls has held a song cover contest for her newly released song “Figure it Out” from the album Backseat Heroine. That gorgeous creature is Emma-Lee. Now, The DoneFors don’t typically cover many songs, or do contesty things, but this contest seemed too good to be true. We could win a huge fantastic prize and the only thing we had to do was cover a great song. We couldn’t just do a straight up cover of it, though. We had to toil away in rehearsal for hours DoneFors-ifying it. What resulted was quite a different version from the original. We’re proud of it, and we hope you like it too!

Recorded live-off-the floor at CBC’s Glenn Gould Studio by videographer Chad Nunn and audio engineer John MacLean (mixed by our very own drummer, Brian Lahaie) this is our very own rendition of “Figure It Out” (written by Emma-Lee and Karen Kosowski):

Please also check out Emma-Lee’s fantastic video of the original song featuring produce and a flash mob (directed by Gavin Michael Booth

Also youtube search “Emma-Lee cover contest” to see tons of great entries.

Wish us luck!

janine, paul, liam and brian