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ALBUM REVIEW: How to have sex with Canadians

By Chris Homer, Muzic Reviews

The DoneFors don’t offer any love advice on How To Have Sex With Canadians, but the album is a surprisingly textured indie rock opus. Hypnotizing guitar melodies flow into the melodic vocals of Janine Stoll, often creating a Neko Case vibe in The DoneFors sound. Despite relying heavily on simple melodies, How To Have Sex With Canadians is an addictive album that’s indie rock at it’s best.The DoneFors don’t waste your time with any overly experimental songs. “The Narrator” points to the pleasing style that the band develops on the album. The main guitar melody of the track may repeat a few times, but the psychedelic sound established is far from boring. “The Narrator” is complimented with a funky bass line from Liam Smith that ties everything together brilliantly. Meanwhile, Stoll’s lofty vocals will leave you mesmerized.

The rhythmic sense that The DoneFors have is the real power behind How To Have Sex With Canadians. “Mouth Full of Marbles” bounces cleverly between a punchy acoustic guitar rhythm and a lightly played melody on electric guitar. Likewise, “Lemons From Argentina” creates a unique sound out of hand-claps and delicate melodies that grab hold of your attention.

Stoll’s powerful voice also adds enjoyment to How To Have Sex With Canadians. Her ability becomes obvious on “In My Blood,” where the instrumental tracks remain deep in the mix and Stoll is allowed to cut loose.

Later, The DoneFors have more success with “The King And Me.” The reggae influences behind the song create an awesome laid-back jam that makes it one of the best efforts on the album.From beginning to end, How To Have Sex With Canadians is a fantastic listen. The DoneFors don’t disappoint once and build an album that will quickly find a place among any indie rockers’ favorites.

(Independent) *****