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ALBUM REVIEW: How to have sex with Canadians

By Josh Fewings, The Argus, Thunder Bay

Toronto-based band The DoneFors are currently touring Southern Ontario and teaching various cities and towns about sex, or at least how to listen to songs from their album How to Have Sex With Canadians. Despite its risque title, the album is far from being blatantly raunchy. This is an album with so much class that it could be the background music to a martini party, and yet it’s grounded in folksy spirit that would fit perfectly into a folk festival lineup. Lead singer Janine Stoll has been playing music for years, but her voice is fresh here, while her lyrics are smart and sassy. Two members of the band are also in Mr. Something Something, an Afro-beat/funk band that has visited the city regularly. With any luck The DoneFors will come to teach us how to have sex in Thunder Bay.