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The DoneFors in February and Onward

Our chemically modified momma nature is thawing Toronto’s curbside glaciers. It almost feels like spring cleaning time. Readying for things anew. Time to take on a different world – fresh challenges vs. fresh perspectives. 2011 may have reaffirmed to the world that anything is possible with hard work, conviction and support of like-minded individuals. Anything is possible.

The DoneFors at Winterfolk IX

This weekend Winterfolk Festival happens in Toronto. Winterfolk is an annual music festival that takes place in various venues along the Danforth in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 150 Artists on 7 Stages For 4 days of Roots and Blues Music. We’re excited to be part of the upcoming lineup with two official performances:

Saturday, February 19th – 10:00pm at Dora Keogh Pub (141 Danforth Ave.)

Sunday, February 20th – 8:00pm at Black Swan Tavern, 2nd Floor (154 Danforth Ave.)

Additional Artists include: Aaron McGill * Dan Shantz (Miliitis Rue) * Best of Acoustic Afternoons with Dan McLean Jr. * Andrew Queen * Beth Anne Cole (with Tony Quarrington) * Best of Ten Feet Tall Acoustic Open Stage * Betty Supple * Big Rude Jake * Brian Gladstone * Brock Zeman * Caroll Teal & David Joyce for Artscan Circle * Dan McVeigh * Danny Marks * D’Arcy Wickham * David Celia & Joan Besen * David Hein * David Leask * David Lum * David Nigel Lloyd * Erin Hill and Her Psychedelic Harp * Eve Goldberg * Fingerstyle Guitar of Toronto * Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party * Gary Kendall Band * GCDC * Glen Hornblast * HOTCHA! * Howard Gladstone * Jack Marks & the Lost Wages * James Gordon * Jimmy Bowskill * Joanne Crabtree & Margaret Stowe * John DiBatista * Jon Davis * Jory Nash * Ken Yoshioka * Kristin Sweetland * Laura Fernandez * Louise Ford * Margaret Stowe * atthew DeZoete * Melwood Cutlery & Dan Whiteley * Michael Brennan * Michael Jerome Browne * Mike Masse * Mikel Miller * Mose Scarlett * Mr. Rick * Noah Zacharin * Nonie Crete * Paul Langille * Pete Otis – The Danforth Sound * Peter Verity * Peter Wildman * Porkbelly Futures *Rosemary Phelan / Jason LePrade * Saturday Saints * Shawn Brush * Steve Paul Simms & John Jackson * Steve Payne * Sue & Dwight * Tannis Slimmon * The Blackest Crow * The Blackwood Two * The DoneFors * The Horables * The Minotaurs * The Warped 45s * Tony Quarrington

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The DoneFors’ Album #2

In our humble corner of the world, The DoneFors are working towards a common goal to create good music. We’re almost at the end of the recording process for album #2. three more pushes, and we’ll birth this lovely baby into the arms of the world – to be loved to death, scrutinized to death, or straight up forsaken. It is impossible to make accurate predictions in this funny monkey business anymore. But we can guarantee you that we think this is good music. And we’re very proud of our baby. Produced entirely by The DoneFors, mixed by the virtuosic Michael Phillip Wojewoda, mastered by the acclaimed Joao Carvalho, with engineering prowess of Jeremy Darby and Andrew Heppner (Cantebury Music Company), and Brian Lowe, Rich Bradly and Brian Lahaie (Joao Carvalho Mastering) – this album has been coddled by many capable and loving hands. Imagine Introducing Happiness + Graceland + Hail to the Thief + Darkside of the Moon + Reptillian + Houses of the Holy + Diamond Life + Raising Sand + Court and Spark + All of My Lakes Lay Frozen Over + Key Principles + Lush Life Below the Poverty Line + Shine Your Face + The Great Prophecy of a Small Man. Details are coming soon on how you can pre-order a copy of this yet-to-be-named album. Stay tuned.

The DoneFors’ European Invasion

Are they really ready for us? They better be, cause dates and plane tickets are booked. This May The DoneFors make their way to The Netherlands and Germany for 8 shows in various towns and venues. Tell all of your long lost relatives and old traveling companions. Here’s where you’ll find us:

Thursday, May 19th – Venlo, Netherlands – Sounds Recordshop
Saturday, May 21st – Apeldoorn, Netherlands – Café De Flierefluiter
Sunday, May 22nd – Arnhem, Netherlands – Cafe de Kroeg
Monday, May 23rd – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Dwaze Zaken>
Wednesday, May 25th – Berlin, Germany – Schokoladen
Thursday, May 26th – Leipzig, Germany – Club Horn Erben
Friday, May 27th – Stuttgart, Germany – Wagonhallen
Saturday, May 28th – Stuttgart, Germany – Cafe Galao

Futile Ground

Janine Stoll and Paul MacDougall of The DoneFors are thrilled to be embarking on a project of significant importance, both personally and historically. This spring Janine and Paul will be spending a month abroad to retrace a family history during WWII. This history will inspire the creation of a body of musical work to later be recorded, performed and toured, involving various artistic disciplines. Janine and Paul would like to thank Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council for their generous support of this fledgling project – which promises to be a work of great intrigue once completed.

Stay warm. Kiss your lover. Kiss a stranger.

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