The DoneFors | Canadian Independent Band | Lush Life Below the Poverty Line | Award Winning Album | How to have sex with Canadians


As the first snows of winter began to drift in from the north, the children built a canoe of dried wood and dead leaves, eager to cross over the 49th and find themselves at home before the lakes and rivers froze over. While the snow swelled in a quiet cyclone around them, the predicament was clear – with the temperature dropping mercilessly quick, they would surely be stranded as a grizzly bear’s snack if not a frozen block of flesh and bones. Unfazed, one of the children pulled a glass bottle from inside his wool coat, placed it on its side and spun it around. When the spinning slowed to a stop, the spout of the bottle pointed in the direction of the prettiest girl among them; so he turned to the girl and – while sweetly kissing her cheek – their feet started to warm and the snow beneath their boots began to melt. Please enjoy sex with Canadians responsibly.


The DoneFors