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What’s That noise?

Gloss, 2009By Michelle da Silva, Gloss Magazine, Toronto

The DoneFors is a Toronto-based outfit composed of The Ladybird Sideshow’s Janine Stoll on vocals, Mr. Something Something’s Paul MacDougall on electric guitar, Liam Smith on bass, and Superstack’s Brian Lahaie on drums. The foursome came together in 2006 to form their “new favourite band.” Now, with their first full-length, How To Have Sex With Canadians, about to debut (February 12), the DoneFors are taking their one-of-a-kind self-described “Canadiana Vanguard” on the road.The band’s sound is difficult to capture as they aim to push boundaries and bend genres – their only consistency being rooted in their instruments’ organic sound. “In a Cornfield” is a quick-paced folksy single with its roots in bluegrass, while French tune “Septembre en France” showcases Stoll’s versatile vocals in a decidedly drowsy, chanteuse-style light. “Mouth Full of Marbles” sounds like how Fiona Apple would sound if she sang jazz, and “In My Blood” is a dark, free-spirited narrative.

The DoneFors will likely bring unpredictability and improvisation to their emotionally-rich performances – their musicianship can handle it. Their unclassifiable album will be one the most anticipated of the new year, as will their tour. For a complete list of tour dates, check out the band’s website at