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You never came. I waited by the bar, distracted. I thought that you would come. Or I didn’t. I don’t know. But I missed you. I think if I had been attending any other concert I might’ve locked myself in the restroom and maybe would’ve tried to drown myself in the toilet. But The DoneFors somehow pacified me. So even though you didn’t come to meet me, I still felt a strange happy feeling inside. A happy loneliness, if that’s even possible. The DoneFors played a really fantastic show. I know that you would have loved it. Some great singer-songwriters opened the show. Miss Emily Brown and James Lamb. They were amazing. The DoneFors premiered a video for this song “In a Cornfield”. If you hear it you’ll probably be reminded of that graduation party at Steve Lobard’s at the end of high school. It’s the first time I kissed your sweet mouth. I miss your sweet mouth. Please find the video on YouTube. It was made by a talented production company called CONartist Films, if that helps.

Maury Povich is on and they’re doing paternity tests again. It’s family day here in Toronto and all of the grocery stores are closed. I’ll be eating Doritos from the convenience store for dinner again. Wish you were here to take better care of me. I’m bad at this being apart thing. Where are you?

Please write to me. Please.

I love you always,